Henry  Bergeson
Blackfoot Ventures
A Henry Bergeson kaleidoscope is a marvelous blend of engineering and design. Each kaleidoscope style reflects Henry’s meticulous attention to detail, a result of his mechanical engineering education. Through real and “other world” experiences, he developed a sense of the finished product and a flair for design. A native New England, Bergeson now resides in the Colorado Mountains, getting his inspiration from his panoramic view of Pike’s Peak.

Working with wood has come naturally to Henry and is a most expressive medium for his scopes; a fake watches UK delight to hold, look through and admire, as interactive art. All kaleidoscopes are handcrafted of fine hardwoods with polished brass fittings. There is a flow and gentleness to each of his kaleidoscopes, offering a unique, unsurpassed visual drones for sale and tactile experience, making them a joy to have, hold, and play with.



  Item by Artist  
BBV-0 – Manta Ray
BBV-1 - Cordalee 3
BBV-3 - King's Ransome
BBV-4 – Turniton !
BBV-5 - Moontide
BBV-10 - Wave Dancer
BBV-2 - Timefly
BBV-8 - Honey Jar
BBV-9 - Teleidoscope
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