Kevin & Deborah  Healy
Healy Designs
Deborah and Kevin Healy have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for the last 30 years. After traveling across the country from their native New York to Arizona and then finally settling in Central California, they were inspired to recreate the beauty that they had witnessed in their art. They started taking jewelry classes and quickly were on the path to creating what is now Healy Designs.

It was an accident of fate that led them to kaleidoscopes. A customer asked them to repair a small damaged brass kaleidoscope. While tackling the repair, they did some scope research and tried making a scope of their own. To their surprise, the necklace scopes they created became one of their most popular items at the Sunday Art Fairs on the beach in Santa Barbara. All their customers remembered having a kaleidoscope as a child. But even those passers-by who were not familiar with scopes appreciated the tiny, decorative wearable scopes...



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